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Apr 03, 2022
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Although difficult to calculate due to its size and diversity, experts estimate that the gaming industry is now worth $300 billion, and growing rapidly. The most recent data from the 2020 US Census revealed that consumer spending in the second quarter topped $11.6 billion. Meanwhile, the average gamer spends around $26 on hardware and $12 on software to power their games. About 9% of gamers in the US spend over $250 on their setups. For avid gamers, those numbers might seem pretty low considering the cost of computers and game consoles. That is, until you see that consumers voted the smartphone as the most popular gaming device in both the 2016 census and the employee data 2020 census. And, even with this limited information , it's very clear how vast the game industry is, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for game content creators. If you're looking to create a winning strategy for your gaming blog, consider the content, tactics, and styles of these top niche gaming sites. What is a gaming blog? By definition, a gaming blog is a content-rich source of game reviews, console unboxings, games, industry news, and other gaming-related content. While blogs are most often aimed at consumers, they can also focus on game developers, beta testers, and other target audiences. Some blogs are run by individuals, while others are backed by big names in the gaming industry. Here's a look at some of the best. Kotuku Kotuku promises game reviews, tips and news, delivered by a team of writers who let their humor shine through. Not only is the content interesting to read, but its variety and frequency means there's almost always something for everyone in the featured section of the homepage. Smart monetization with the addition of a “Deals of the Day” section, which naturally displays on the homepage and elsewhere, makes the blog profitable.
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