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Event Spaces

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TRUE WILD CAMPING – Use of tarps, hammocks, peat toilet, fire cooking etc. organised events in the woods.

WILD CAMPING  - We can offer you a spot to pitch a small tent or sleep out under the stars away from others, however please bear in mind you will be a good walk from your car, the toilet and water points. It might be worth bringing your own portable loo. These spots are not suitable for large groups or people wishing to party. They are quiet spaces for people to get back to basics and nature. Your car will be left in the nearest car park.

SCOUTING ETC – We can offer sites suitable for scouting type groups please discuss your needs with the site manager.



You may well see dog training events going on at Lupine Woods.

IABTC is based in the main building & runs a variety of workshops & classes from puppy and beginner courses to advanced behaviour courses and problem-solving.

Kennel Club Good Citizen (Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold) and puppy/beginner classes

Teach your dog how to become a good citizen and gain Kennel Club Awards along the way.

Book Via: Collar and Lead Dog Training (Amanda Robinson 07930 326011 and Jayne Butler 01427 891995)

Master Dog Trainer Classes – for All levels of handler and dog

All levels from Puppy to Master Dog trainer following IABTC’s amazing training for life programme. Also, introduction to lots of dog sports and activities such as assistance, obedience, rally, agility, parkour, Treibball, langriegn and more.

Clicker Training Classes and Workshops – Beginners to Level 4 (Instructor)

The quickest, most motivational and enjoyable way to train your dog.

Discover the joys of clicker training.

Canine Parkour – Suitable for all levels and ages – low impact and individually instructed

By working in partnership with your dog you will both find ways to use the environment to make walks exciting and interesting using jumps, balancing and climbing. 

Heelwork to Music and/or Trick Class

Have a go at learning to dance with your dog via a range of moves and tricks. Or take part in a fun session that will help your dog to learn, to develop some demonstration moves that will impress with our trick class.

Canine Nose Work

Regular monthly sessions plus annual Super Sniffer Camp introducing all types of nosework for the dog from detection, tracking, man trailing, discrimination and more.

Obedience, Rally Obedience – Suitable anyone already competing or trialling.

For the competitive person who wants to take part in competitions and trials.

Canine Training, Behaviour and Modification Course

For those wanting more in-depth study. Broken down in to 8 individual units of study covering: how dogs learn, evolution and breeds, brain and behaviour, instructing pet dog owners, behaviour modification (intro, intermediate and advanced).

Enquiries/Book Via: Angela White 01427 753918 Karen Holmes 07950 773578

Event Spaces: Event Spaces
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