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Sitting by Campfire


LOCKED SITE - For your safety and privacy, this is a locked site – if you find the gate locked there is a combination lock, the Code will be given to you on arrival: 


Please feel free to lock the gate if you are on your own or feel vulnerable.

If you are going out and the site will be left empty, for the safety of your pitch contents, please lock the gate.

Please see below, for information to help you enjoy a safe stay with us.

RESPECT FOR OTHERS – We aim to keep this a peaceful rural wildlife-friendly site, where you can relax, enjoy nature, take in the fresh air and enjoy our walks. Always help us keep it that way by keeping noise to a minimum.  

No loud music, no parties and no fireworks.

Ensure complete quiet between 11 pm and 8 am

CHILDREN – Please ensure children are always in your sight and under proper control, keeping noise to a minimum and respecting others’ property, peace and of course the site. Although there is plenty of space, there is no specific children’s play area or equipment.  

EQUIPMENT - Any equipment you may see on-site, (though it may look like playground equipment), is meant for dogs only, and should be used only under the supervision of an IABTC Instructor and at the owner’s own risk.

DOGS - Dogs are very welcome if they have well-behaved owners!

DOG OWNERS - always keep dogs under full control and do not allow them to go up to other dogs or people on-site, even if your dog is friendly.

Please pick up after your dog.

Waste can go in the main general refuse bin or any of the bins around the site. Always carry poo bags, but if you get caught out you should find one in the boxes near the bins on the walking and exercise areas.

EXERCISE OFF LEAD  - There is an enclosed exercise field for off-lead exercise, please stay with your dog, it is only stock fencing so a determined dog could escape.

Any dog training equipment you see in this area can be used but at your own risk.  Please check to ensure it is safe and that your dog is fit and trained suitably to be able to use it. 

Feel free to ask about dog training courses and activities at the centre.  

RUBBISH - Dispose of general rubbish in the green commercial waste bin in front of the hall – if this is full do not leave rubbish outside please take your rubbish home.

RECYCLING - You can put cardboard, glass, tins, plastics etc in the red lid recycling bin. There is a list on the bin.

CORONOVIRUS - Please abide by government guidelines whilst on site.  We have well-spaced camping spots to help you stay safe.

Remember the 2-meter rule when passing or communicating with other people.

Clean hands regularly - Please carry your own hand sanitiser, clean your hands regularly and after touching any surface including gates, fences, waste bins etc. 


In this current climate of Coronavirus Pandemic, it is advisable to use your own private facilities whenever possible. If this is not possible you are welcome to use ours. See below for guidance.

As this is a small site, we do not have staff on-site all the time, so please help us to keep you safe.

Do not allow your children to use the facilities alone and ensure they too are following the guidelines under your supervision.

SHOWER - You are welcome to use the shower after May 17,  but you should be aware that the use of a shared shower is a greater COVID risk than using your own. Please ensure you clean the shower cubicle and related areas both before and after use to satisfy yourself that it is clean. If you have any concerns don’t use it!

PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Please do not leave personal items in any shared facilities

TOILETS –Bring your own toilet paper and wipes for the seat during these times.  Please clean the cubicle door latch, toilet seat and flush handle and anything else you touch before and after use.

Wash your hands in accordance with the poster in the toilets and use a paper towel to dry your hands and turn the tap off.

Paper towels go in the bins do not flush them down the toilet.  Leave the outer door open to avoid touching surfaces, apart from in very adverse weather conditions.

SANITATION STATION   There is a pot washing, hand washing area. Please follow hand-washing guidelines on the poster. 

FIRES Open fires are not allowed

Do not place a BBQ directly onto the ground as it burns the grass and it is peat and may smoulder even without you knowing leading to a dangerous fire.

BBQ - If you wish to have a BBQ, please check with the site manager who will help you to do it safely with additional equipment. Please do not break branches from trees for firewood.

FIRE FIGHTING BUCKET - Please place a bucket of water near your caravan, tent or any outdoor cooking.

WATER POINTS - We will point out the nearest tap to you on arrival. Please take your hand sanitiser or spray to clean the tap before and after use.

ELSON POINT - The Elson point is situated to the right of the toilets. Do not use this water source for drinking water. Please clean the tap and area both before and after use. Take your sanitiser with you.

LIGHTING - There is limited lighting on the site due to its rural nature, please ensure you bring a torch.

WILDLIFE SPOTTING – You are in a rural setting – you may encounter wildlife such as rabbits, deer, squirrels, fox, owls, pheasants, lizards, toads, snakes, buzzards, woodpecker (even the elusive green ones), jays, dragonflies, some stunning moths (some of which are rare) and more. If you encounter wildlife, by all means watch and take photographs, but please leave animals and their habitat well alone. The quieter you are the more the chance of seeing something special.

If you get a good photo or spot something unusual, please let us know or post on our Facebook page

A word of caution our land is sandy and easy to dig so watch out for holes.  Good Luck.

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You can book directly by calling 

Dan on 07932 160565


Or Book via Pitch Up 

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